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Professor Homer's Resume

Welcome to my listing of publications.


Seurat and the Science of Painting. Cambridge (MA): MIT Press 1964, xvi+327 pp.; second printing, 197l; paperback edition, 1978; reprint ed., 1985.

Robert Henri and His Circle. Ithaca (NY) and London: Cornell University Press, 1969, xvii+308 pp.; second edition, 1988.

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Thomas Eakins: His Life and Art. New York, London, and Paris: Abbeville Press, 1992, 276pp.; second printing, 1993; second edition, 2002.

The Language of Contemporary Criticism Clarified. Madison, CT. Sound View Press, l999, 175 pp.

Stieglitz and the Photo-Secession, 1902.  New York, Viking Studio; 2002


Alfred Stieglitz, Photography, and the Two Cultures. Newark (DE): University of Delaware, College of Arts and Science, 1982, 17 pp.


Heart's Gate: Letters Between Marsden Hartley and Horace Traubel, 1906-1915. Highlands (NC): The Jargon Society, 1981, 87 pp.


Photography in the 1980s. New York (NY): The Photograph Collector Newsletter, Ltd., 1981.


(Editor and contributor) Avant-Garde Painting and Sculpture in America, 1910-25. Wilmington (DE): Delaware Art Museum, April 4-May 18, 1975.

(Editor and contributor) Symbolism of Light: The Photographs of Clarence H. White. Wilmington: Delaware Art Museum, April 15-May 22; New York (NY): International Center of Photography, July 7-September 11, 1977.

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(Editor and contributor) Selections from the Lloyd Goodrich--Albert Pinkham Ryder Archive. Newark (DE): University of Delaware Library, April 17-August 15, 1989.

(Editor and contributor) Brandywine Valley to the Bay: Art from Private Collections. Newark (DE): University Gallery, October 3-November 3, 1991.

(Editor and contributor) African-American Art: The Paul R. Jones Collection. Newark (DE): University Gallery, February 11 - April 4, 1993.

(Editor and contributor) The Gist of Drawing: Works on Paper by John Sloan. Wilmington (DE): Delaware Art Museum, October 3-November 30, 1997.


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